Revalidation: Keeping the Professional Edge

Revalidation is the mechanism by which translators and interpreters with NAATI credentials demonstrate at regular intervals that they remain up-to-date and committed to the highest level of competency and currency in the profession. From 1 July 2012 NAATI credentials with an expiry date will require revalidation.

Revalidation Information Booklet
Information sheet: Criteria for Revalidation
Information sheet: Opting in to Revalidation
Application for Revalidation of NAATI Credential
Application for 'Opting In' to Revalidation

NAATI has received enquiries from candidates that have not met the requirements for NAATI Revalidation. Please be aware that during the start of Revalidation NAATI will seek not to disadvantage anyone who attempted to meet the requirements for Revalidation but due to circumstances outside of their control did not. There is the ability for applicants for Revalidation to provide details of their particular circumstances in Part 2 of the application form.

If you have a question about revalidation email info@naati.com.au

Revalidation Logbooks and Professional Development Catalogue

NAATI provides log books, which provide additional information, for practitioners to keep record of their Professional Development and Work Practice for submission with the Revalidation application.

Professional Development Catalogue PDF PDF only

Professional Development Logbook PDF PDF Word doc Word

Work Practice Logbook for Translators PDF PDF Word doc Word

Work Practice Logbook for Interpreters PDF PDF Word doc Word

2013 Review of Revalidation Process

In early 2013 NAATI, in conjunction with AUSIT and ASLIA, commenced a review of the Revalidation system and application processing, including consideration of the feedback received from practitioners and professional bodies. As a result of this review a number of improvements have been made to the Revalidation process from 1 July 2013, including clarifying and simplifying the record keeping requirements, and changing other documents, in particular developing a Professional Development catalogue and separate Professional Development Logbook.

The outcomes of the review have not changed the basic requirements to be revalidated but have made significant changes to record keeping and other aspects of the system. There may be circumstances where these changes affect individuals because they have been keeping their records up-to-date using the previous forms and logbooks. While NAATI would appreciate applicants using the updated July 2013 logbooks and information for their submissions, no applicant will be disadvantaged if they submit information based on the now superseded documents.

Why have a Revalidation System?

The Revalidation system will:

  • Retain the highest level of competency and currency in the profession

  • Ensure professional standards are maintained and enhanced

  • Foster long term sustainability and integrity

  • Demonstrate the practitioner has a commitment to the highest ethical standards

  • Be promoted as the preferred standard throughout the industry

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