NAATI is a standards organisation responsible for setting, maintaining and promoting high professional standards for the Translating and Interpreting sector.

We aim to be a respected and recognised global leader in the provision of certification services for translators and interpreters, to provide quality services and to be responsive to the community and organisations which benefit from NAATI’s services.

NAATI certification provides quality assurance and confidence to consumers who rely on translator and interpreter services to participate effectively in our society.  It also gives credibility to agencies that engage certified practitioners.


  • A quality assurance scheme
  • A peak non-government body
  • A pioneer in the world of certifying translators and interpreters

NAATI is not

  • The government or a government department
  • The ‘owner’ of language or settlement policy
  • A member-based institution
  • A professional association
  • An industrial association (union)
  • An employer of translators and interpreters
  • A provider of industry services
  • A representative-based organisation
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