Careers at NAATI

Respect, fairness and professionalism are at the heart of what we do here at NAATI. We value and seek supportive, team-oriented people to work with us. 

We recognise that our people are all unique in their life experiences, skills and abilities. We are known for having a diverse workforce and valuing the range of backgrounds that represent our people through gender, age, LGBTI, ethnicity, religious and cultural backgrounds, family status and flexibility.

Please see below for available job vacancies. 

NAATI examiners are  certified interpreters and translators with tertiary qualifications who wish to participate further in the translating and interpreting industry. 

NAATI examiners have extensive professional experience as an interpreter or translator examiners and are required to have near perfect English language skills . They must also have high professional and ethical standards. 

NAATI employs examiners according to demand, to assist with the setting and marking of the translation and interpreting certification tests in your language. Visit our examiners and role-players page to find out more about becoming a NAATI examiner.

Examiners and role-players

NAATI role-players are language speakers who play the role of clients in certified interpreter tests. 

During an interpreting test, two role-players will engage in a conversation about a specific matter (for example, playing the roles of an English speaking doctor and a LOTE speaking patient discussing a health matter affecting the patient), as would occur in real life, whilst an individual interprets for both role-players.

NAATI employs role-players on a casual basis to assist with certification tests. Visit our examiners and role-players page to find out more about becoming a NAATI role-player.    

Examiners and role-players