The first part of the Certified Specialist Health Interpreter Test (CSHI) is an online Knowledge Test.

What Will The Test Ask Me To Do?

The Test is made up of six sections (total of 60 questions) on the following topics:

  • Medical terminology
  • General medical knowledge
  • Knowledge of health systems
  • Ethics, culture, and the role of the interpreter
  • Advanced interactional management
  • Research and preparation

The Knowledge Test covers a wide range of health sub-domains. There will be at least one Knowledge Test question on interpreting in the field of speech pathology.

How Should I Prepare?

CSHIs have advanced research skills that enable them to perform in complex and specialised interpreting situations. The ability to prepare for assignments in advance and to use appropriate available resources is one of the skills the CSHI test assesses.

The Knowledge Test will ask questions about a broad range of medical sub-specialisations which are commonly found in hospital and clinical contexts. You should be familiar with specialised terminology and phraseology as used in the health domain; the Australian health system and key differences with the LOTE system(s); relevant codes of ethics and codes of practice; as well as essential resources for preparing for interpreting assignments.

How Will My Test Be Marked?

The different question types in the Knowledge Test are marked in different ways. Multiple choice, match, and drag and drop questions are automatically marked by the testing system. Short answer, long answer and essay questions are marked by at least two trained examiners based upon detailed marking guidelines.

Candidates will receive overall scores for each section of the test, as well as a total score. Further information about the question types, test sections and pass requirements can be found in the Candidate Information.

What Do I Need To Know Before I Sit My Test?

Make sure you read and understand the following information before you sit your test:

Sample Materials

You can access a sample knowledge test through NAATI Learn. This sample test uses the same platform as the Knowledge Test you will sit on your test date, and contains examples of the question types and knowledge tested in the CSHI Knowledge Test. This is NOT the full length of the test and your score should not be taken as indicative of actual test performance. To access the sample knowledge test, you will need to create a NAATI Learn login, following the prompts. This login is your personal login and will not be used when you sit the Certification Test. Once logged in, you will be able to access the sample tests through your Dashboard.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the NAATI Learn platform, the question types and the different sections of the test before your test date.

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