Work Practice Requirements

Individuals seeking Recognised Practising credentials must have work experience as a translator or interpreter.

  • For work experience as a translator: you must have dealt with the written word and translated written messages from one language into another.
  • For work experience as an interpreter: you must have dealt with the spoken word or signed language, and interpreted what someone said from one language into another.

You will need to attach two work reference letters to your application. You may also have to satisfy other prerequisites depending on the eligibility pathway you choose.

Given the range and nature of the languages in which Recognised Practising credential can be awarded, NAATI acknowledges there are situations where little work is available. NAATI will consider each application based on its merits, considering the levels of demand for services in that language.

Each reference letter must address the following criteria:

  • Each reference letter must come from a different employer or organisation.
  • At least one reference must be from a translation and/or interpreting service provider, where you have been contracted, employed or engaged in translation or interpreting duties.
  • Each reference must demonstrate that you have worked in the language and skill for which you are applying for (i.e. if you are applying for a Recognised Practising Interpreter (English and Oromo) credential, your reference letter must show that you have work experience as an English and Oromo interpreter).
  • The references must demonstrate that the work experience is current, regular and ongoing (i.e. each reference must cover a period of at least three months). At least one reference must cover the three (3) months immediately preceding the application. Other references may cover work experience that has been completed no more than six (6) months ago.
  • Each reference letter must be on the organisation’s letterhead and be signed and dated by an individual authorised to provide this reference on behalf of the organisation.

NAATI will consider reference letters for voluntary or pro bono work as long as the reference letter meets the criteria outlined above. More information about file formats for application evidence can be found here.

Work experience as a bilingual worker cannot be considered.

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