Transition is the process by which practitioners holding current accreditation or recognition can opt to gain a comparable credential under the new certification system.

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You can also click here for a list of NAATI Approved Course units that are eligible to be used as evidence of an interpreter's ability in chuchotage. 

The Member government owners of NAATI have endorsed NAATI’s certification system. Click here to read their joint statement of endorsement. 

You can only transition current (meaning unexpired) accreditations and recognitions.

There are slightly different requirements depending on:

  • the type of accreditation or recognition you hold; and
  • Whether you have been participating in revalidation of your accreditation or recognition credential. Revalidation has now become recertification.

You can click here to work out what you will need to do (per credential).

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If you need to submit work practice evidence as part of your transition application:

Use one of the work practice record templates below:


Applications that have been received by NAATI after 1 July 2018 will require you to pay a $121 application fee

NAATI will invoice you for this fee after you have submitted your application. You will not need to record payment details on your application form. 

Applications submitted prior to 1 July 2018 were free.


Recertification (the replacement for Revalidation) is a universal requirement under the new system. NAATI will advise each practitioner of their new credential expiry date when we confirm your successful transition.

New credential expiry dates will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Whilst no individual will have to recertify in 2018, we expect that:

  • Practitioners who transition who have not been part of the revalidation system will recertify 2.5 to 3.5 years from the date of certification;
  • Practitioners who have revalidated their credential before will recertify around their current revalidation date (the earliest date will be in 2019) and
  • Practitioners who transition and have not revalidated their credential before will recertify around their current revalidation date (the earliest date will be in 2019).

For individuals who gain certification through the new system rather than transition, your new credential expiry date will be three years from the date of certification.

All practitioners who successfully transition will receive (at no additional cost):

  • A new NAATI practitioner number (current NAATI numbers will no longer be used);
  • Access to an eLogbook to record work practice and professional development activities for recertification;
  • Automatic listing on the online directory (including limited details of accreditation history); and
  • Newly designed products of your choice (including ID cards and Translator Stamps).

Once you are part of the certification system, all of the products and services listed above are included (at no additional cost) as part of each successful recertification.

If you are a practitioner (i.e. a spoken language professional-level interpreter) that needs to complete the chuchotage professional development session as part of your transition, please submit your transition application form as soon as possible.

You do not need to complete a professional development session prior to submitting your application.

NAATI will only directly contact practitioners who have either preregistered or submitted their transition form. Registrations for sessions can only be made online.

Session places are limited and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

NAATI has worked with AUSIT to develop a professional development activity in chuchotage, that meets the requirement to transition  Professional Level Accreditation to Certified Interpreter status. This activity is provided at no cost to the transitioning practitioners.

NAATI is aware of other chuchotage training courses but has not as yet reviewed the material and therefore not endorsed any provider other than AUSIT for this purpose.

NAATI will consider a request from other organisations but only the workshop delivered by AUSIT has been funded and formally approved by NAATI.

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Still have questions or are unsure? Email info@naati.com.au