How do I update my contact details?

The best way to update your details is through the MyNAATI portal. If you cannot access your account, please email (and include your customer number).  You should update your contact details with us every time you change your address, phone number or email.

I’ve changed my name and need to update my details

Please email your change of name certificate to

I want to change my listing in the Online Directory

You can control your Online Directory listing through your myNAATI portal. To change which of your credentials are listed, use the toggle button in the “My Credentials” section of the myNAATI portal to turn your listing on or off. To change the contact details that are displayed, go to “Update My Details”.

When can I apply for recertification?

All practitioners have a 6 month window in which they can apply for recertification: 3 months prior to the expiry date until 3 months after. We encourage you to submit your application sooner rather than later to allow time for your application to be assessed and your new products (i.e. stamp and/or ID card) to be posted to you before your current expiry date.

How do I recertify my credentials?

Before you submit your recertification application, you need to fill out your logbooks located in your myNAATI portal. Any Professional Development activities you have completed should be listed in the Professional Development section. Any interpreting/translating work you have completed should be added to the relevant section. For more information, you may want to watch the NAATI Recertification Webinar.

Do I need to attach evidence of my work practice with my application?

With each work practice logbook entry, you have the option to add supporting documentation to your record (such as booking sheets or tax invoices/receipts). In other cases it could be employment contracts or receipts of payment.  It is not compulsory to upload this supporting documentation to your work practice logbook. If you do choose to upload this documentation, you should take care to remove any identifying client information. However, it should be noted that each year, NAATI will randomly audit practitioners who need to recertify. People who are audited are chosen at random and make up a small percentage of all practitioners. If you are in the group that is being audited, NAATI will ask for this supporting documentation. If it has been uploaded to the logbook correctly, then no further action will need to be taken. If it is not available for the auditor to look at automatically, it will be requested.