How do I update my contact details?

The best way to update your details is through the myNAATI portal. If you cannot access your account, please email (and include your customer number).  You should update your contact details with us every time you change your address, phone number or email.

I’ve changed my name and need to update my details

Please let us know by emailing your change of name certificate to We will update your details in our system.

I want to change my listing in the Online Directory

You can control your Online Directory listing through your myNAATI portal.

  • Change which credentials are listed: Use the toggle button in the “My Credentials” section to turn your listing on or off.
  • Change the contact details that are displayed: Go to “Update My Details”.
How can I order ID products (stamps or ID cards)?

Translator stamps and interpreter ID cards are free with your credential/s. Once you have been awarded a credential or have been recertified, you will receive your new products within 2-4 weeks if you are in Australia. Postage timeframes to overseas addresses will vary. 

Please make sure that your postal address listed in your myNAATI account is correct. 

If you need a new product before your recertification, please email

What if I don’t meet the criteria? Can NAATI give me special consideration?

You can still lodge a recertification application with as much detail as possible about your work practice and professional development if you want to maintain your NAATI credential/s, even if you don’t think you meet the minimum recertification criteria. 

Lodging an application will allow NAATI to assess your application and contact you for more information, provide guidance on your application or consider granting some flexibility. 

NAATI has the ability to grant you an extension of up to one year on a case-by-case basis (for example, if you were unable to work for extended periods due to health reasons, or for practitioners in low demand languages). 

You can also contact us for advice at and one of the team will respond as soon as possible

What happens if I don’t recertify or if my application is rejected?

If you do not apply for recertification or do not meet the recertification criteria, your credential/s will expire. If you wished to hold the same credential again, you would have to lodge an application for the same credential again with NAATI, which may include sitting another test. 

Can I include voluntary (i.e. unpaid) work in my logbook?

Yes, voluntary work can be included as work practice evidence.

Can I include translation revision/proofreading work as work practice towards my translation recertification?

Yes, revision/proof-reading of other practitioners’ translations can be counted towards your work practice requirements.

Can I carry excess professional development points over to the next recertification period?

You cannot carry excess work practice or professional development points over to the next recertification period. Every time you recertify, NAATI will look at the work practice and professional development you have completed from the time your credential was granted until the date you submit your application. However, if you have submitted your recertification application before your credential expiry date, you can include any work practice or professional development completed after your application in the next recertification period. 

Where can I find ethics professional development opportunities?

We advertise upcoming professional development events delivered by various organisations on our website

You may also like to check out the AUSIT website, Monash University online short course on Ethics for Interpreters or Conversations

Other ways to obtain points for ethics include regular discussion with other translators/interpreters about the ethics of the profession, self-reflection on ethical dilemmas you might have faced in your work, or reading articles focused on this topic. 

What if my application is audited but I can’t provide evidence?

If your application is audited and you are unable to provide evidence to support your work practice or professional development, NAATI may ask you to provide a Statutory Declaration.

I translated a document while I was certified, but now my credential has expired. Is the translation still valid?

Yes. There is no expiry date on a translated document. Translations completed by a currently NAATI-certified translator will remain valid even after the practitioner’s credentials expire. 

How do I get more advice about recertification?

If your question is not answered on the recertification webpage, you can contact us at and one of the team will respond as soon as possible (usually within two business days).

How were the recertification requirements determined?

NAATI conducted a survey of more than 4,000 currently practicing practitioners to determine its recertification policy.