For new and experienced translators or interpreters we offer a range of products that assist people to easily identify you as a professional, including:

  • NAATI translator stamp
    • Certified and recognised practising translators can officially authorise their work and indicate their NAATI certification by using their personalised NAATI stamp.
  • NAATI ID card
    • Certified and recognised practising interpreters can use ID cards while at work to easily identify themselves as qualified professionals.
  • NAATI display certificate
    • Alternatively, some practitioners prefer to show a NAATI certificate to easily identify themselves as certified practitioners.

How do I order these products?

All of these products are free with your credential/s.

Once you have been awarded a credential or have been recertified, your new translator stamp and/or interpreter ID card will be produced and posted to you. You will receive your new products within 2-4 weeks if you are in Australia. Postage timeframes to overseas addresses will vary. Please make sure that your postal address listed in your myNAATI account is correct.

Practitioners receive a digital certificate by email upon being awarded a credential or being recertified, which can be printed and displayed.

If you need a new product before your recertification, please email

What does the expiry date on the translator stamp mean?

The expiry date on the translation stamp relates to the translator’s credential, not the validity of the translation.

You can read our translator stamp information for more detailed advice from us on this, as well as a downloadable letter about translator stamps and translation validity for your clients.

I need to confirm my translations whilst I’m waiting for my new stamp, what do I do? 

You will need to ask your client or organisation what their requirements are.

Generally, you will be able to confirm your translations by writing:

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Your NAATI Practitioner ID
  • The direction of your credential (English to LOTE or LOTE to English)
  • Your credential expiry date

You will then need to sign your translation.

But remember, some organisations (eg. government departments) will only accept stamped translations so in some cases you’ll have to wait for your stamp.