A NAATI translator stamp is used by translators to certify their translations. These stamps are issued to all translators upon receiving their certification and whenever they recertify.

Below are examples of the current design of a NAATI-issued translator stamp. All officially issued NAATI translator stamps are in blue ink. 

If the translation date listed on the stamp is within the period of validity for the credential, NAATI’s opinion is that the translation should be accepted where it has been presented. 

A NAATI certification or recognised practising credential can be verified through our Verify a Credential tool.

Prior to the start of the Certification system in January 2018, NAATI issued translator stamps under the old accreditation system (see below for examples). These stamps are no longer issued.

 The ‘Expires’ date on these stamps refer to the potential expiry date for the credential (at the time the stamp was issued). It does not reflect a date after which a translation is invalid or unacceptable. A translation from a NAATI credentialed translator should include the date at which the translation was completed. 

If you need to verify whether a translator was accredited or recognised when the translation was completed, please contact NAATI’s National Office.