Rohingya language testing now available

The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is pleased to announce that it has formally added Paraprofessional Interpreter for Rohingya to those languages available for NAATI accreditation by testing.

In announcing the decision, the Chair of the NAATI Board Ms Kerry Stubbs said it "was in response to demand from industry stakeholders and met the policy criteria for community and humanitarian need".

“NAATI’s ability to equip the sector to meet the interpreting requirements of new communities is an essential element in the provision of government information and accessible government services” stated Ms Stubbs.

Rohingya is a language originating from the Rohingya people of the Arakan State of Myanmar. It is related to the Chittagonian language spoken in the southernmost part of Bangladesh bordering Myanmar. Rohingya is spoken by over two million people worldwide with over half of all speakers residing outside of Myanmar, including a growing number in Australia.

According to NAATI CEO, Mark Painting test material, including sample tests, are being developed and "we will be able to offer the opportunity to prepare for and sit a test for paraprofessional interpreter accreditation within a few months and interested applicants should monitor the NAATI website for progress."

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