ALERT: Changes to revalidation requirements and feedback survey

As part of our INT Project work, NAATI has been reviewing the processes and policies around revalidation. NAATI is fully committed to the principle of revalidating accreditations and recognitions and will continue to promote the merits of doing so.

However, we also acknowledge that the current process can be improved and we are determined to work with the sector to improve the administrative process to support revalidation. Last Thursday, NAATI released an online feedback survey to current, revalidating practitioners. The feedback collected from this survey will assist us in making decisions about the future certification scheme. 

NAATI CEO, Mark Painting, commented that “whilst we have had plenty of suggestions in general terms, some more useful than others, this survey will give us valuable direct feedback from those currently involved in the process. We accept that we have to make the process more user friendly and efficient and I commit us to work with stakeholders, both at individual and organisational level to ensure we can achieve that”.

NAATI has also been reflecting on other issues associated with revalidation policy. Under our original policy, those holding paraprofessional level accreditation could only revalidate twice at that level before being required to attempt the professional level accreditation.

A number of stakeholders raised concerns about this with NAATI management during the national INT consultation sessions in April 2016. In response to that feedback and further consideration, NAATI has removed this requirement from the policy.

The CEO commented that “the paraprofessional level of accreditation is essential to providing the necessary level of service to the community, especially in particular language groups and whilst we will continue to encourage and provide incentive for practitioners to upgrade, I don’t think it is fair to mandate it. Further, allowing these to lapse will only exacerbate the problem of the shortage of accredited practitioners in these languages”.

NAATI has now updated its revalidation information materials to reflect these changes. We will continue to release updates about our progress through the monthly NAATI eNews

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Published: 05/09/2016