ALERT: Changes to the NAATI EOI Form

NAATI is excited to release an important update to our NAATI Online portal. As of this morning, individuals can only submit an EOI application through NAATI Online.

If you do not have a NAATI Online account, the process to submit an EOI application is as follows –

  1. Read through the relevant information on the NAATI website to check what you are applying for.
  2. Register for a NAATI online account by clicking the ‘I don’t have a NAATI number’ button. This will trigger an automatic email with your login details.
  3. Check your nominated email address for your login details.
  4. Login into NAATI Online and select the ‘Apply for Credentials’ link or the ‘Applications’ tab in the top menu.
  5. Once you have reached the Apply for Accreditation landing page, you will need to select the ‘By Testing’ link on the left to reach the application form.
  6. You will then fill out the application form and the process will continue as per page 4 of the information booklet.

If you already have a NAATI Online account, you can also access the EOI form by logging in and following steps 4-6 as detailed above. Submitting an EOI form is free.

Once NAATI has received enough EOI applications in your language, we will contact you to discuss the test date and levels available. Please note that NAATI may only be able to set a test date for your language once every 12-24 months.

This change will assist NAATI in streamlining its systems and is an important first step in our efforts to expand our suite of online services.