Alert: scam emails to NAATI practitioners

NAATI has become aware of further questionable approaches to NAATI-accredited translators which might be related to their listing in the NAATI directory. They appear to be very similar to a scam that NAATI notified practitioners about over the last few years.

There are two types of recurring fraud issues:

(i) Payment via international cheque: Translators are contacted by someone who claims to be from overseas, who has a document they would like translated in English. People committing fraud generally inform the translator that they can pay by certified cheque or international certified cheque only.

(ii) Requiring refund from overpayment: As with the previous scam, it appears that once the translator agrees to take the job they are sent a money order or cheque for more money than agreed for the assignment. The client claims that this is an error on their part and then asks to be refunded the overpayment, generally through Western Union to a given name and the address varies. The original payment to the translator will not be cleared by the bank, even though it may appear that payment has been cleared. It appears that it can take some time for the bank to advise the translator that the funds have not cleared and this can result in the translator having already refunded money they have not actually received.

Please note the above names are only a few examples that have been recently reported to NAATI and we have provided them here as an example.

Be aware that fraud perpetrators can also supply fake documents, which seem official such as passport biographical pages. If you have doubts about processing payments from a client please contact your bank and inquire about payment methods, as they may able to warn against similar cases of fraud.

NAATI strongly urges practitioners to take great care.

Published: 01/10/2015