ALERT: Transition information for current NAATI approved course students

As part of the Improvements to NAATI Testing (INT) Project, NAATI’s Approved Courses system of VET and Higher Education institutions will be superseded by a system of Endorsed Qualifications (EQ). The EQ system, commencing 1 January 2018, will be better equipped to support the reliability, validity, practicality and integrity of NAATI testing and certification.

Acknowledging the importance of facilitating a smooth transition from the approved course system to the endorsed qualifications system for students and institutions alike, all currently approved courses have been granted approval to 31 December 2017. Institutions will be able to apply for NAATI qualification endorsement status from 1 June 2017, for qualification enrolments commencing from 1 January 2018.

Due to differing enrolment dates, some students enrolled in NAATI approved courses will complete their course after the endorsed qualification system has commenced in 2018. 

Students should therefore be aware that the following rules apply:

  • Students who start their qualification in an approved course before 1 January 2018 but do not complete it until 2018 or later will be eligible to sit a test for NAATI accreditation, as long as the institution meets all of the conditions of approval associated with the course. (This applies equally to institutions which gain endorsement of the qualification and those which don’t).
  • NAATI will consider any request from an institution in 2018 to offer a certification test (i.e. leading to certification, not accreditation) for students enrolled on an approved course (i.e. enrolled in 2017 or earlier) as long as that institution has gained endorsement for the qualification. The conditions under which the certification test might be offered to the students would be determined at the time of the request.
  • Students enrolled in an endorsed qualification (i.e. enrolled from 1 January 2018) will only be able to access a certification test offered by NAATI.
  • NAATI is committed to ensuring that no student is unreasonably disadvantaged by the transition. 
  • Students currently enrolled or enrolling in an approved course for the remainder of 2017 and accessing accreditation based on a recommendation from their institution will pay the current Application for Accreditation by Approved Australian Course fee.
  • In a situation where an approved course student sits a certification test, the fee associated with the NAATI certification test will be no more than the current Application for Accreditation by Approved Australian Course fee.

Please direct any questions regarding the above information to intproject@NAATI.com.au. Click here to download this information as a PDF factsheet. 

Published: 15/05/2017