NAATI is now accepting applications for testing in certification

NAATI Certification is the independent assessment of skills for interpreters and translators in Australia. NAATI certified interpreters and translators are recognised as currently active in the profession, and committed to ongoing professional development. 

From January 2018, NAATI Certification will replace NAATI Accreditation.

Applications for testing in certification are now open.

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You can now apply for

NAATI certification
Credentialed Community Language test
(five bonus points).

Read Applying to NAATI before you start your application

Applications are now invited for applications for NAATI certification for:

  1. Certified Translator
  2. Certified Interpreter
  3. Certified Provisional Interpreter

Apply for NAATI certification

Applications for the following NAATI credentials, will not open until later in 2018.

  • Certified Advanced Translator
  • Certified Conference Interpreter
  • Certified Specialist Interpreter (Heath)
  • Certified Specialist Interpreter (Legal)


Head to the forms and fees page for the latest information on NAATI Fees: 1 Jan to 30 Jun 2018

Credentialed Community Language test.

The Credentialed Community Language (CCL) test is a testing and assessment service related to migration and other government services. 

This service is completely separate to NAATI certification and cannot be considered as a NAATI credential. 

Due to high numbers of applicants, applications for the CCL test have been paused. We expect to re-open by mid- June,  2018. 

From March 2018, NAATI is holding Credentialed Community Language (CCL) test sessions. For more information, see CCL testing on our website.

Published: 24/11/2017