ASLIA: the first 25 years

During this year's inaugural National Auslan Conference (NAC) 2016, ASLIA's (Australian Sign Language Interpreters' Association) 25th Anniversary sub-committee presented a book entitled ASLIA: The First 25 Years. This publication documents ASLIA's history as an association from 1991-2016.

Many of ASLIA's collective achievements have been recorded by a diverse range of members, individuals and organisation representatives including NAATI. The focus of the book is how these various elements have come together to support and grow ASLIA.

The book includes:

  • A brief description of the interpreting landscape in the lead up to establishing AASLI (Association of Australian Sign Language Interpreters) in 1991.
  • The lead up to the introduction of NAATI accreditation testing in 1982 and NAATI's subsequent relationship with ASLIA.
  • A column from each of the nine presidents and convenors of ASLIA since its establishment in 1991.
  • Reviews and summaries of some of the key events ASLIA has held over the last 25 years.
  • Perspectives from individual interpreters, Deaf community members and interpreter service providers about what ASLIA has meant to them.
  • Photos from around the community.

ASLIA's role and value should not be underestimated in the working lives of interpreters, Deaf people and the wider Australian community. The NAC 2016 was another significant achievement, marking ASLIA's 25th anniversary and Deaf Australia's 30th anniversary.

This book is an extremely valuable resource for anyone wanting to know more about Auslan interpreting. NAATI is proud of its history with ASLIA and looks forward to celebrating another 25 years.

Click here to download a PDF copy of ASLIA: The First 25 Years.

Published: 09/11/2016