Community interpreting, NAATI and the international community

The ENPSIT (European Network for Public Service Interpreting and Translation) conference in Paris, June 2015, brought together a number of testing and accreditation authorities from different parts of the world.

After the conference, representatives from the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Canada and Australia sat down to address and discuss issues arising around testing, recognition and accreditation of translators and interpreters working in the public services.

Public service interpreting and translation, also referred to as 'community interpreting' in some contexts, can generally be defined as interpreting and translation services that make it possible for individuals and communities to access community services who do not speak the language the service is provided in.  

All the bodies represented at this meeting face many common or similar challenges regardless of the fact that we operate differently in our respective countries. It was during this meeting the International Language Certification Network (ILCN) was formed. 

The ILCN group - comprising of certification authorities, awarding organisations and regulatory bodies - agreed to set up an informal network to share knowledge and good practice, to exchange experiences and lessons learned and to jointly address and find solutions to the common challenges faced.

The initials areas of interest for collaboration identified by the ILCN include:

  • The impact of technological change on candidate assessment and accreditation;
  • Assessing and certifying ‘rare’ languages where expertise is often equally rare; and
  • The application (and development) of international standards.

ILCN participants have varying levels of expertise in these areas and the network aims to collaborate in addressing these issues to provide economies of scale and broader benefits.

Future activities might include joint research, shared standard setting or bids to attract funding.

The other members of the ILCN include:

Published: 11/08/2016