Guide to Recertification - My PD and Work Practice Logbooks

Certification is how NAATI manages professional translators and interpreters serving the Australian community. 

An important part of certification is recertification. NAATI practitioners are required to recertify every three years, in order to remain certified as a translating or interpreting professional.  

Translators and interpreters must complete professional development logbooks and a work practice record every three years. This will help you keep track of the training you have completed and the work you have undertaken in your profession. It is also how NAATI is able to confirm that you, as a practitioner, have met the professional development and work activity requirements to recertify. 

We've set out the process below, to help you understand how use the logbook and work record in myNAATI.  For questions about recertification, We've created a full list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's). Use these as a guide to the requirements of recertification. 

Recertification FAQ's

Flow chart showing recertification cycle

My PD and Work Practice Logbooks - a technical guide

Below you will find a step-by-step guide to adding professional development training and work practice to the myNAATI logbooks. 

myNAATI dashboard


myNAATI dashboard


 My logbook dashboard

myNAATI logbook dashboard

The dashboard shows your professional development and a work practice logbooks for each credential you hold. The coloured tabs along the top show the important significant dates for your recertification. The start date is the date your credential/s take effect. The recertification eligibility date is the earliest date you can submit a recertification application, and the expiry date shows when the credential(s) will expire.  


Professional Development (PD) Logbook. 


myNAATI logbook showing start date, recertification date and expiry date


This screen shows the PD requirements and total points required. Any points you have completed will also be shown. 

NOTE: Transitioned practitioners who have less than three years before they are required to recertify will see different requirements. These requirements have been calculated on a pro-rata basis and reflect the duration of the certification. 


 Adding an Professional Development activity


Adding an Professional Development activity



Adding an activity allows you to select the category, requirements and completion date. You can add a description,  notes and upload supporting documents such as an invoice or a certificate here. This may be asked for, if your logbook is audited.


Saving an activity 


Activity savedThe chart will update as activities are added. Anything with a green tick in the status column will be included in the chart.


Adding a work practice entry


Screen shot of adding a record to the work practice logbook

A logbook is created for each of the credentials you hold. The requirements are shown as a bar chart. Add your work practice to fill out the logbook. This can be one entry per job/assignment, multiple weeks, or months of work, supported by a letter from an employer.

NOTE: Again, transitioned practitioners who have less than three years before they are required to recertify will see different requirements. These requirements have been calculated on a pro-rata basis and reflect the duration of the certification. 


Adding activities to work practice logbook continued


You can provide notes about the work in the description, and upload documents. 


Saving a work practice entry


After adding an activity, the bar chart updates.

After adding the entries the bar chart will update.  


Applying for recertification


myNAATI application form



Once you have reached the recertification eligibility date, and completed the activity requirements, you can apply for recertification by clicking on the link from the logbook page or from the applications page in myNAATI. Check your contact details are correct and update them as necessary. You can't change your email address from this form. This can only be changed in the my details section of myNAATI. 


Checking your work practice record


Screenshot of final check for work practice recordBefore you complete your application for recertification, you have the opportunity to review what will be submitted. You can go back to your logbooks and fix up any issues before applying again. Green bars indicate that the work practice criteria have been met. Orange bars indicate that the criteria haven't been met. At this point any credentials that you do not want to include can be deselected. 


Checking your PD logbook


Screenshot of final check for professional development record


The next section will show a breakdown of PD activities. As with your work practice record, you have the opportunity to go back to the logbook and edit your PD logbook, or click OK to continue your application. Green text indicates that all criteria have been met. Orange texts indicates that requirements haven't been met. 


Final steps 


Closing questions on the application form

The final steps for your recertification application includes a question about your order for an ID card or translator stamp and an attachment section to add any supporting evidence. We also ask that you accept NAATI's terms and conditions. NAATI will invoice you once your application has been checked and is ready for assessment. Checking of applications can take up to 10 days. You will not need to pay at the time of application.


Published: 09/10/2018