Simplify connecting with clients - Australian freelancer website for translators and interpreters.

Language Network is a new Australian online service that connects NAATI accredited translators and interpreters with clients throughout Australia and overseas.

Creator, Nicolo Tiozzo, has a background in IT and logistics. Nicolo has worked in the T&I industry providing IT and admin services to a translation business. After 2 years working in this sector, he decided to create a service to support the specific needs of freelancers in the T&I Industry.

Nicolo created the Language Network after his research into tools and directories revealed a lack of Australian websites providing a platform where job offers are linked with skilled translators and interpreters. He hopes the service will help NAATI professionals pursue their career in the Translator and Interpreting (T&I) industry and says it represents the ultimate tool for freelancers.

Language Network is a marketplace that brings together clients and NAATI professionals;

  • Efficiently – with a targeted job search
  • Effortlessly – with notifications for new job posts
  • Fairly – with a private bidding system
  • Affordably – with a free registration

“I have observed on some marketplaces that employers use the opportunity to set a budget for a job, without understanding the scope of the work required.  For this reason, I have decided to remove the budget option allowing freelancers to issue quotes without feeling the pressure of what the employer is willing to pay,” said Nicolo.

In the real world, the price of a professional service it is not really a matter of what you want to pay, but more of what professionals charge for that service.

Nicolo believes that freelancers should be free to quote what they feel is right for their service without feeling the pressure of their competitors’ quotes, and for this reason quotes are not publicly visible: only the employer can see them in the project page.

The Language Network has a rating system, together with skill search and freelancer profile functions, which will help employers choose the right candidate for their task based on more than the mere price offered.

“The goal is to provide a high quality, one-stop destination for clients who can easily post a job and get it done without having to spend time over the phone or browsing the infinite ocean of the Internet,” Nicolo says.

At the same time, Nicolo hopes translators and interpreters will save the time and effort needed to build a website and will create a profile on the Language Network platform. Creating a profile is free and employers can browse profiles and contact freelancers directly for quotes.

Only translators and interpreters with valid NAATI accreditation or certification can register to provide services.

Language Network empowers freelancers - Your rates, your time, your life.

Published: 25/10/2017