Get your transition to certification applications in before June 30

The last day accredited translators and interpreters can transition to NAATI certification without paying a fee is 30 June 2018.  We will also deliver your Interpreter ID card or Translator stamp at no cost to you.

After this date, you can still transition your current (valid) accreditation but you will need to pay the $121.00 administration fee. NAATI waived this fee from 1 October 2017 until 30 June, 2018.  

Certification is the new NAATI credential, designed to become the industry standard for translators and interpreters. Through certification, practitioners can demonstrate their level of skill and competency for these specialist roles in the community.

Certified translators and interpreters are listed on the NAATI online directory. This is a free service.

The old system of accreditation evolved over the last 40 years in Australia, supporting migrant communities and helping people to integrate into a multicultural Australia.  NAATI felt that the accreditation system would not continue serve the industry and its future goals, in the age of rapid technological change.

Certification will bring about improved services for translators and interpreters such as:                             

  • Consistency and transparency
  • Streamlined testing and
  • Digital communication and record keeping,

Industry leaders, scholars and government policy makers contributed to the design of the new certification system, and there is a joint statement from Member Governments endorsing NAATI certification.

If you transition to certification, your accreditation credential remains valid until the expiry date. If you have an accreditation with no expiry date, then your accreditation will remain valid for perpetuity.

Your credential of certification will become more valuable over time, as you continue to invest your professional development. Minimum training is now required before people are eligible to sit a test at any level. The role of formal qualifications in certification has been strengthened, with NAATI Endorsed Qualifications playing an important role in training interpreters and translators. 

Other changes include health and legal specialised interpreting certifications, and ensuring all candidates sit a NAATI test. Under the old system, institutions could test the candidates themselves. Candidates will now be tested over a broader range of knowledge and skills.

You’ll also be able to access electronic logbooks in myNAATI to record your work and professional development.  

We’ve reduced the 3-yearly administrative fee for recertification down to $198.00.  

After January 2018, NAATI will no longer support accreditation. You won’t be able to revalidate your credentials when they expire, obtain stamps and ID cards, or appear on the online directory.

Published: 08/05/2018