Meeting the Challenges of Legal Interpreting

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Recognising interpreters’ role within the Justice System

The Recommended National Standards for Working with Interpreters in Courts and Tribunals, released in the last quarter of 2017, was the result the work of the Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity (JCCD). The council identified as urgent need for nationally consistent standards and guidelines concerning working with interpreters in courts and tribunals. 

The National Standards were developed to ensure access to justice for culturally and linguistically diverse communities. The standards give recognition to the significant role played by interpreters within the justice system and help ensure professionalism and quality. 

Interpreters are fundamental to ensuring access to justice and procedural fairness for people with limited or no English proficiency. - Recommended National Standards for Working with Interpreters in Courts and Tribunals.

Event details

The Honourable Chris Kourakis, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia, will speak at an event in Adelaide on March 19, about these new standards, and share his own interest and passion for migrant community issues. 

Leah Marrone, lawyer at the Legal Services Commission, will deliver a presentation on some key legal concepts and procedures, to clarify, and to increase confidence in delivering effective interpreting.


Lecture Theatre A317
Level 3 120 Currie St
Adelaide SA 5000 


Date: Monday 19 March 2018
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm


AUSIT / ASLIA members: $35
Non-Members: $70
Student Members: $15
Non-Member Students: $35 (2-3 hours)

Earn 10 AUSIT PD points, (Section 1.4).


About the speakers

Chief Justice Chris Kourakis  was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia in 2012. He is the current Chair of the Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity (JCCD). His draws on his own experience growing up in a migrant family in his firm support and understanding of factors affecting justice and language services provision for migrant and indigenous communities.

Leah Marrone is a Lawyer and Legal Education Officer at the Legal Services Commission of South Australia and has been practising across a number of areas for over 10 years, primarily in employment, discrimination, statutory interpretation, administrative and criminal law. She has worked with interpreters in her many work and volunteer roles and lives in a multilingual household. 

About the JCCD

The Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity (JCCD) was established in 2014 as an advisory body comprising of judicial officers from all geographical jurisdictions and court levels.

Published: 06/03/2018