ASLIA Mentoring Program

By Michelle Ashley, Melbourne, Victoria

Michelle Ashley, ASLIA Mentoring sub-committeeThe Auslan interpreting industry faces significant challenges never before experienced which are placing great demands on an already scarce resource. ASLIA are keen to support practitioners at the transition points of study, employment entry, articulation to interpreter and specialisation certification, to ensure that the industry is well equipped to face such professional and resourcing demands.

In response to feedback and requests of our membership, ASLIA Victoria developed a more comprehensive and collaborative approach to current mentoring program to address systemic challenges and gaps, this time on a national scale. With technologies available to us, there is no need to limit your choice of mentor to your home state. A mentoring relationship can be facilitated online, face to face, or both!

The benefits of mentoring include: a reduction in isolation experienced by new interpreters; having a point of contact in a time of conflict; increased confidence; increase in ability to cope in difficult situations; promotion of self-reflection; awareness of ones abilities and breadth of experiences; development of communication skills; and connectedness to the profession.

So what is new?

  • A dedicated sub-committee
  • Only accessible to members once they log into the ASLIA website
  • A microsite featuring a visual gallery and biographies of interpreters who have completed the ASLIA Victoria mentor training program
  • Interpreters can use the visual gallery as their first reference and either make direct contact, or complete a “match-making” online form
  • Extensive resources for participants including mentee and mentor work books, contract agreement templates, self-evaluation and feedback rubrics, and more!

What’s next?

We hope to deliver the ASLIA Victoria mentor training in all states and territories of Australia so that the mentor database grows and includes people from across the country. We will be working closely with all state ASLIA associations to deliver this in 2019. We would like to thank Auslan Services for their generous support to deliver this training in 2018.

We also wish to embed this mentor program as part of interpreter training programs. Watch this space! We are seeking the support of interpreting agencies to provide mentoring opportunities to employees. We are pleased to announce that one provider has already committed to sponsoring five interpreters for this purpose using the ASLIA mentoring program!

To be involved visit the mentoring section of the ASLIA website, under PD and Events or email: mentoring@asliavic.com.au

Thanks to the ASLIA Mentoring sub-committee of Michelle Ashley, Daniel Hately and Alex Notsis; to early contributors Tamara Pearce, Sandi Leane, Julie Judd and Erin Gook; and to Maree Madden for the sharing of some resources

Published: 07/12/2018