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myNAATI, the new practitioner portal for interpreters and translators opened in January 2018. The new portal, which replaces a previous version, will bring improvements for everyone who uses NAATI services.

myNAATI, so named because it is designed as a tool for practitioners to manage their professional credentials and directory listings, includes the revitalised online directory. The directory allows anyone to find a translator or interpreter who has a current NAATI certification.

We will continue to add new features to myNAATI throughout 2018.

myNAATI portal

The myNAATI portal is is a brand new portal that completely replaces NAATI online.

myNAATI is for practitioners (translators and interpreters), applicants and NAATI examiners.

Update my details

Update My Details: Update your details for your NAATI communication records, and the online directory.

icon for professional development logbook

My Logbook: myNAATI provides you with logbooks for recertification of your NATI credentials. You will see one Professional Development Logbook and one Work Practice Logbook for each credential.

Your logbook will automatically calculate points or work practice hours/words when you enter information about your work or professional development activities. 

You will also be able to see:

  • The date your credentials were issued.
  • The date you can first submit a recertification application.
  • The date your credentials will expire.
icon of a certiifcate

My Credentials: Check the status of your credentials, and download your proof of credential - your NAATI certification letter and digital certificate.

You can set your online directory listing to on or off.

icon for bills

My Bills: Use this section to pay for applications, tests and download invoices.

icon of a hidden password

Change Password: Change the password for your account.

Online directory

The online directory offers search by language, state, postcode, family name and in some cases, country. The search results are randomised. Randomisation ensures everyone on the directory has equal opportunity to display on page one, despite the alphabetical ranking of their surname.

Certification type and direction of language

An important new feature on the online directory, is the introduction of the Certification Type filter. This filter enables sorting results by certification type AND language direction (e.g. Certified Advanced Translator English into Italian).

Image shows a drop down list with a choice of certification types

Online verification tool

myNAATi includes a tool for verifying NAATI Certification credentials.

The verification tool uses the new NAATI practitioner ID. It can not be used to verify records of accreditation records or history from the old system.

Verification of historical NAATI numbers can only be done by contacting NAATI national office directly.

The ‘Previous Credentials’ field in the verification tool is for expired Certifications. It only applies to the new NAATI Certification system.

To use the myNAATI portal

If you are a practitioner and have transitioned to the new certification system,

You need to register for myNAATI using your old NAATI number or customer number from NAATI. Once registered, you can login with your email and new password.

If you are a practitioner and are yet to transition to the new certification system,

You’ll need to become certified in the new system to use myNAATI, and appear in the online directory.

Find out more information about transitioning to Certification.

If you are an applicant for NAATI certification or the Credentialed Community Language test. 

If you do not have a MyNAATI Account, please register with your Customer Number.

Guide to registration

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Published: 18/01/2018