Important information for interpreters and translators; the online directory

The online portal for interpreters and translators, myNAATI, is open and available to access NAATI services.

Our team here at NAATI have been working hard on the next stage of NAATI 's upgraded Certification system and online tools.

NAATI Practioner portal and online directory

myNAATI, the new NAATI practitioner portal, online directory and verification tool was activated on 9 January 2018. myNAATI is a brand new portal that completely replaces NAATI online.

Practitioners who have successfully transitioned to NAATI Certification will now appear in the new online directory.

If you don't wish to appear in the online directory, you can opt out using myNAATI.

What will appear in the online directory?

If you indicated on your transition to Certification that you want to be listed, you will appear in the online directory.

If you were previously listed on the directory, your new listing will display the same information as previously shown. If you are new to the directory, the results will only display the state where you are located. You will have to log in to myNAATI to add phone numbers, email addresses or full/business addresses.

You will only appear in the online directory if you hold valid NAATI Certification.​

Register for myNAATI

To register for myNAATI, you need to use your customer number to when you login to myNAATI for the first time.

Check your email correspondence from NAATI for your customer number.

If you have successfully transitioned to NAATI Certification, your customer number will be your NAATI number from the accreditation system.

You will also need to use the use the email address which matches the one to which you are receiving NAATI emails.


Use this Tutorial as a guide to registration 

After you have registered with myNAATI

You'll be emailed a password.

Log in using your email address and password.

Once you have logged in for the first time,  you will be prompted to change the password.

If my name does not appear in the online directory  

If you do not appear in the new NAATI online directory, you will need to complete your transition to NAATI certification. Transition to Certification is free until 30 June 2018. After this time, there will be a small fee. Read more about Transition to Certification.

Use this Tutorial as a guide to registration to myNAATI

Note for NAATI Examiners

NAATI examiners should check your emails about access to online marking tools.

Any questions about the information above should be directed to NAATI's National Office. Email info@naati.com.au.