NAATI accreditation and the Karen languages

Recently NAATI has received a couple of questions about the credentials it has previously awarded in the Karen languages (namely, Karen S’gaw and Karen Pwo Eastern).

Unlike the majority of languages we offer accreditation in, NAATI has never offered accreditation testing in the Karen languages.

However, there are a small number of practitioners with Paraprofessional Interpreter accreditation as a result of a NAATI approved course (RMIT's Diploma of Interpreting).

As of October 2016 in Australia, there are:

  • 6 current Paraprofessional Interpreter accreditations in Karen S’gaw.
  • 5 current recognitions in Karen S’gaw.
  • 1 current recognition in Karen Pwo Eastern.

Should you wish to apply for credentials in the Karen languages outside of the RMIT Diploma of Interpreting, you will need to look at NAATI recognition.

Click here to learn more about the Karen S’gaw language or here to learn more about the Karen Pwo Eastern language.

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