The 2017 Victorian interpreter scholarship program

The Victorian Government is offering scholarships to students who are accepted into the 2017 Diploma of Interpreting or Advanced Diploma of Interpreting programs at RMIT University to study interpreting in one of the following languages:

Diploma of Interpreting: Assyrian, Chaldean, Karen, Lao, Punjabi, Rohingya, Samoan, Somali, Thai, Vietnamese

Advanced Diploma of Interpreting: Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Tamil

Scholarship details

Up to $3150 will be awarded under each Diploma of Interpreting scholarship to assist with program fees. Advanced Diploma scholarships may attract up to $4320 to assist with program fees. 

The specific amount will depend on each student’s enrolment status. Scholarships will be paid directly to RMIT University on behalf of the student.

Applicants should be aware that the scholarship may not cover the full program fee. In such cases, students will be required to pay the balance.


To be eligible for a scholarship you must:

  • be an Australian citizen, or have permanent residency (consideration will also be given to applications from asylum seekers);
  • be enrolled in the RMIT University Diploma of Interpreting or Advanced Diploma of Interpreting in one of the targeted languages offered for 2017; and
  • remain enrolled and meet attendance requirements for each unit at RMIT University for the duration of the program in 2017.

Eligible students will be offered scholarships in February 2017 and will be required to formally accept the scholarship offer by the 1 March 2017.

NAATI accreditation

Students who successfully complete either program and attain a pass rate of 70% or above in the interpreting accrediting unit will be eligible for accreditation by NAATI. 

Detailed information about NAATI accreditation will be provided by RMIT University after enrolment. The cost of NAATI accreditation will be paid by the Victorian Government on behalf of students who received a scholarship.

If you'd like more information about this opportunity, please contact the RMIT University Info Corner (Corner of Swanston and La Trobe Streets, City campus) on 03 9925 2260 or visit them between 9:00am-5:30pm Monday–Friday.

Published: 24/10/2016