The TIS National scholarship program

TIS National has been offering scholarships to interpreters on the TIS National panel for NAATI accreditation (gained at the paraprofessional level or higher) since 1 January 2014. Scholarships are also offered for professional development short courses approved by TIS National.

How much of my fees can be reimbursed?

TIS National will consider reimbursing you the full amount. For NAATI accreditation, you must provide evidence that you have succeeded in obtaining your accreditation. For professional development courses, you must show proof of payment and completion of the course. Only professional development courses that earn revalidation points for NAATI accreditation will be considered.

What are the benefits?

Aside from having your course funded by TIS National you will also receive more interpreting assignment offers from TIS National when you successfully gain a higher level of NAATI accreditation.

What criteria will TIS National look at when assessing my application?

TIS National will consider a variety of factors when assessing your application. This will include but is not limited to; your location, your interpreting experience, the number of services you provide for TIS National, and the level of demand for services in your language.

How do I apply?

You can apply for either programme by sending an expression of interest to interpreters@border.gov.au. Once your email has been received you will be sent an application form and information pack.

How many times can I be reimbursed?

You may be eligible to have TIS National reimburse you for one NAATI accreditation testing fee and one Professional Development course per financial year.

How to provide feedback?

All feedback about the program should be formally lodged via TIS National Online Feedback form and will be resolved following TIS National feedback guidelines.

Please note that you must be registered with TIS National in order to be eligible for this scholarship. Click here for more information about becoming a TIS National interpreter.

TIS National reserves all rights on decisions to award a reimbursement of fees on completion and may discontinue the program without being required to provide any notice.

Published: 07/11/2016