Work Practice Logbook Templates

If you need to submit work practice evidence as part of your transition application, 
use one of these Work Practice record templates to document your evidence.



These templates are in Microsoft Word documents. They will download directly onto your computer to your use. Usually this will be in your "downloads" folder.


Need to know more about how to Transition to certification?

You can use the transition wizard to work out what you will need to do for each individual credential. 

Generally, if your credential is already part of the revalidation system, you will not need to provide any additional evidence of Work Practice.

For credentials that are not part of the revalidation system, you will need to provide evidence of work practice in order to transition that credential.  

What type of evidence can I provide to prove my work practice?

You may choose to provide either:

  1. A reference letter/s from your employer or agency detailing the work undertaken; or
  2. A summary of work completed via a work practice record; or
  3. A reference letter from an accountant detailing the income generated by translating and/or interpreting.

If you cannot provide any of the above, NAATI may consider accepting a statutory declaration.

How do I apply for transition to certification?

The application form for accredited interpreters and translators transitioning to certification will be available on this website from 9am (AEST) on the 3rd of October 2017.

Practitioners who have preregistered will have their transition form emailed directly to them, along with other important information.   

Published: 28/09/2017