Approved Courses

NAATI Approved Courses have been discontinued

Endorsed Qualifications have replaced Approved Courses as the way NAATI assesses training provided by Higher Education (Tertiary) or Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions. 

Students who wish to work as a professional Translator or Interpreter in Australia can view NAATI Endorsed Qualifications, which have shown they meet the national standards.

NAATI Endorsed Qualifications

If you have completed a NAATI Approved Course 

The information below covers: 

  • How to make your application for Accreditation 
  • Request re-issue of your Accreditation Letter
  • Other information and FAQs

Apply for your NAATI Accreditation by Approved Course

NAATI Approved courses are tertiary translation and interpreting qualifications (diploma-level or higher) conducted by individual VET and Higher Education institutions that were acknowledged by NAATI as teaching and assessing the skills and knowledge required by the profession.

Students who complete an Approved Course qualification and assessment may apply for NAATI Accreditation without further testing by NAATI.

Graduates must apply directly to NAATI to be awarded Accreditation.

If you completed a NAATI Approved Course after 1 July 2018, you must apply for Accreditation within one year of your completion date. If you completed a NAATI Approved Course before 1 July 2018 you must apply within three years of your completion date.

Application form for
Accreditation by Approved Course 

Requesting your Accreditation Letter to be re-issued

If you have lost your Accreditation Letter or you need the letter to be re-issued with the ANZSCO code for a Skills Assessment (Professional level only), please complete the form below and email it to applications@naati.com.au.  Paraprofessional Interpreters cannot claim a Skills Assessment.

Re-issue request form

Do you still have questions? Our FAQs are below: 

Approved Course FAQs

NAATI Approved Courses must administer assessments which are similar and equal to the NAATI Accreditation test.

You will need to achieve the relevant score in the assessment and complete the qualification to be recommended for NAATI Accreditation.

If you are recommended for NAATI Accreditation you will need to complete the application form and return it to us. 

Please contact your chosen institution to learn more about their assessment.

If you completed a NAATI Approved Course on or after 1 July 2018, you must apply for Accreditation within one year of your completion date.  If you completed a NAATI Approved Course before 1 July 2018, you must apply within three years of your completion date. 

The work of processing your application involves thorough checking. NAATI experiences a high volume of requests. 

You can expect to wait for up to 6 weeks for your Accreditation Letter to be sent to you.

Thank you for your patience.

No. You will need to receive your Accreditation Letter as proof of your Accreditation.

No. NAATI Accreditation Letters are emailed or issued by post and cannot be collected.

As part of the overall revenue mix, NAATI receives a financial contribution from each of our members (which are the commonwealth, state and territory governments of Australia). These government contributions assist in maintaining our core capability to effectively maintain our credentialing system. The reduced fee payable by Australian citizens takes these government contributions into account.

Students who start their qualification in a NAATI Approved Course before 1 January 2018 but do not complete it until 2018 or later will be eligible to sit a test with the institution for NAATI accreditation, as long as the institution meets all of the conditions of approval associated with the course.

In some cases, you may be able to sit a certification test (rather than an accreditation test) if your course becomes a NAATI Endorsed Qualification. You will need to check with your institution before applying to NAATI. 

This information may be useful for current students of a NAATI Approved course or graduates who have not yet applied for Accreditation or Certification. 

This information may be useful for current students of a NAATI Approved Course or graduates who have not yet applied for Accreditation or Certification.