Since the launch of the Certification System in 2018, NAATI has rolled out certification testing in more than 50 languages and will be continuing to offer more over the coming years. As part of its quality assurance processes, NAATI launched a Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) in March 2021 with the aim to refine some of the Certification System’s key areas.

The primary aim of CIP is to ensure that NAATI’s certification tests remain reliable and practical to run through an in-depth analysis of the performance of the Certification System over the past three years.

Broad in scope, this program primarily focuses on non-specialist certification tests, namely the Certified Translator (CT) test, the Certified Provisional Interpreter (CPI) test and the Certified Interpreter (CI) test. The program targets six specific focus areas:

  • Examiner panels’ training & performance
  • test reliability
  • test delivery & technology
  • prerequisites
  • task design
  • assessment rubrics.

This exercise will span over several years and follow a staged and cyclical approach. It will be informed through a series of consultations with industry experts, Examiners and candidates.

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