The National Indigenous Languages Interpreting Advisory Committee, also known as the NILIAC, was established in 2016 to help NAATI increase the number of certified Indigenous language interpreters.

The Committee’s purpose is to provide advice on issues relating to Indigenous interpreting and facilitate communication channels that help improve the supply and demand for qualified Indigenous interpreters in direct, relevant and practical ways.

The NILIAC is committed to:

  • Promoting co-ordination and identifying opportunities for collaboration within the Indigenous interpreting sector.
  • Bringing together key Indigenous interpreting stakeholders to foster communication, exchange of ideas and information about regional initiatives.
  • Identifying priority Indigenous languages for interpreter training, testing and certification.
  • Providing advice about specific interpreting needs at national, state/territory and regional levels.
  • Facilitating the exchange of information among networks of practitioners, educators, industry, government and other stakeholders, including technological developments to support improved service delivery.
  • Assisting NAATI to promote the NAATI certification system and the value of the appropriate use of certified practitioners.

The committee is made up of 8 people and meet four times per year. Current members are:

  • Leonora Adidi (Chair)
  • Jody Barney
  • Anita Bogdanovski
  • Deanne Lightfoot
  • Doug Marmion
  • Georgina Nou
  • Robert Carne