Professional Development (PD) is the process of improving skills, knowledge, industry engagement and language maintenance.

PD is a requirement for all practitioners to recertify.


In order to recertify, practitioners are required to:

  • Achieve a minimum of 120 points over 3 years
  • Achieve the minimum points requirements in the compulsory categories of Skills Development and Knowledge, Industry Engagement and Maintenance of Language.
  • In Category 2 (Industry Engagement), one activity must come under the Ethics sub-category.

Professional Development Catalogue

To assist practitioners, NAATI developed a Professional Development Catalogue which covers the types of activities you can claim to meet the requirements. NAATI understands that this catalogue may not list every possible activity which could be accepted.

Click on the image above to download the Professional Development Catalogue

It is recommended practitioners aim to ensure they have points across all categories so NAATI can make a considered assessment.

Keeping Evidence

Practitioners are expected to keep records of their work practice and professional development, throughout the three year period, using the logbook tools in myNAATI.

For each entry you will need to:

  • Select the PD category and requirement
  • Nominate the date you completed the activity
  • Write a short description of the activity (e.g. Attended and presented at AUSIT National Conference)

We strongly recommend that you also attach an attendance certificate or booking receipt (if applicable) to each entry as NAATI will ask for this evidence if your application is audited.