Improvements to NAATI Testing (INT)

In 2011, NAATI began a journey to raise our standards of testing and certification. NAATI-commissioned research, led by Professor Sandra Hale, resulted in the Improvements to NAATI Testing Report and the subsequent formation of the Improvements to NAATI Testing (INT) Project. The INT Project is NAATI’s plan for our future and viability of the industry.

The core objective of the INT Project is to improve the integrity and efficiency of the NAATI certification system. It seeks to do this by establishing transparent and reliable criteria for the award of a certification through a valid, rigorous and consistent process supported by innovative technology and best practice.

As with all our work, active engagement of our stakeholders is vital to the establishment of any new process or system. We’d like to thank all of those people who have already been involved and invite those interested to get involved using the links below.

Have questions? Click here for the INT project FAQ.

The INT Project has three main objectives:

  • A. Improved Validity
  • B. Increased Reliability
  • C. Improved Practicality

In particular, some of our project aims include:

  • Standards that are grounded in the role of translators and interpreters
  • Standards that reflect both the current and emerging characteristics of translating and interpreting industry
  • Improved and more comprehensive descriptors for NAATI standards
  • Greater transparency and consistency in our certification system
  • Improved access to testing e.g. via digital communication technologies
  • Streamlined testing and assessment processes
  • Implementation of the new certification scheme design
  • Piloting proposed assessment tools
  • Piloting marking rubrics
  • Examiner training

If you'd like to talk to us about any aspect of the INT project, get in touch with our project team at intproject@naati.com.au.

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