Our Policies

NAATI is committed to providing stakeholders with the best information and our applicants with the highest level of customer service.

The policies listed below are important resources for applicants, practitioners, organisations and members of the public to be aware of:

If you ever have any questions or feedback about these policies, get in touch with us.

The integrity of NAATI's certification system is dependent on the processes and systems that are in place to identify and define the languages in which NAATI credentials are awarded.

Our Language Selection Policy intends to achieve:

  • Consistency in certification outcomes
  • Reduced potential for poor service delivery because of language related issues
  • Consistency in information provided to applicants
  • Clear definition of a language for potential credential holders

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We treat all feedback from you about our performance, as valuable opportunity to learn more about your needs and to improve our services.

A complaint can be made to NAATI by an individual, a group or an organisation. However, your complaint cannot be made anonymously. We regard all information about you as confidential, but it may be necessary for us to contact the other person, and in doing this, you may be identified. Should this be considered necessary, we will seek your approval. Our feedback form is available here. We would love to receive any compliments from you as well! 

We encourage you to get in touch with us first about any questions or concerns. NAATI is committed to resolving all complaints quickly and fairly.

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Proper use of ‘NAATI’ trade  name and Logo for translators and interpreters

NAATI is the only organisation with governmental authority to issue certification to translators and interpreters in Australia.The name ‘NAATI’ is a registered trademark and use of this trademark is closely monitored.

Your proper use of NAATI’s name is necessary to protect the strong reputation and high standards of NAATI’s brand. Find out how you can use the name 'NAATI' - as well as any NAATI logo or branding.