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Finding a translator or interpreter
The NAATI directory lists translators and interpreters that are currently certified by NAATI. Find out more about the directory, how to search for a NAATI certified practitioner and what the different credentials mean.
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The time it takes to learn a new language depends on what you want to do with it
What does it really take to become proficient in a new language? Can you really learn a new language in three weeks? Knowing how to ask for directions in another language is vastly different from studying and working using the language.
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Consultation Draft - Working with patients from migrant and refugee backgrounds
A combined leadership group is collaborating to improve the outcomes for women from migrant and refugee communities, who need to access health care. Feedback is now invited from the wider community on the draft document. The deadline is 15 May 2018.
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The Role of Interpreters in Palliative Care - WA
Professional Development in WA: Dr Yamin Myat Aye, Consultant Physician will lead a workshop for interpreters working in a Palliative Care environment on April 21 2018. Register early as places are limited.
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