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Call for comments on the Australian Standard for Community Interpreting
Standards (with a capital 'S') are industry documents which provide a framework for essential requirements and procedures for services. They support consumer expectations of quality. The Draft for the new Australian Standard for Community Interpreting is open for comment.
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From one member to another: the only thing that is constant in life is change
Change is inescapable these days, and translating and interpreting not been excluded. Rachel Lai, a former project manager, offers some valuable tips on adjusting to change. Rachel is now working as an interpreter & lives in Brisbane.
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Guide to Recertification - what are my professional requirements?
Recertification requires practitioners to complete 120 hours of Professional Development and a minimum of Work Practice hours over the recertification period. What do I need to do?
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Guide to Recertification - My PD and Work Practice Logbooks
Recertification is an important part of professional certification. NAATI now requires translators and interpreters to demonstrate their commitment and competency by completing minimum requirements for work practice and undergoing regular training. We've created new guides to help you with recertification.
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