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The Customer is Always Right
NAATI Certified Indonesian to English Translator, Christine Berry, gives readers an insight into working as a translator and sometimes needing to come to terms with the customer always being right.
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Using the Health Translations website to prepare for assignments
Health Translations is a curated online library of more than 20,000 multilingual resources in 107 languages (including Auslan, Easy English and Plain English) related to health and community services, funded by the Victorian State government.
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Success in the Torres Strait
NAATI expanded its Community Language Aide (CLA) service in July by conducting assessments in Yumplatok – Torres Strait Creole. NAATI hopes it is the start of a broader offering of Indigenous language assessments.
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Guide for healthcare professionals working with interpreters
A combined leadership group is collaborating to improve the outcomes for women from migrant and refugee communities. A dedicated guide for clinicians working with interpreters in healthcare settings is now available.
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