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Get Paid to Present Your Research!
NAATI is seeking researchers in the fields of science and technology to present their research in English or another language and have it filmed.
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Setting Prices for Translation and Interpreting Work - How Much Should We be Charging?
Maddy Shearer responds to reports of low quotes for translation and interpreting services. She suggests that open discussion of remuneration rates will help practitioners avoid undercutting, and examines how the AUSIT Code of Ethics can support practitioners with pricing.
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Ethical Dilemma: “Dr, does Lily still need to continue with the antibiotics?”
Dr. Yu Zhao explores an ethical dilemma during a late-night hospital interpreting session. Careful reflection and an understanding of the AUSIT Code of Ethics helps interpreters manage difficult situations they sometimes encounter at work.
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Interpreting and Translating Skills Training in Western Australia
A short course in Foundations for Translating and Interpreting skills is now available in Western Australia. People who complete the course will be eligible to sit a Certified Provisional Interpreter Test with NAATI.
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