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Courses in NSW for interpreters in family or domestic violence situations (2018)
The NSW Health Education Centre Against Violence (ECAV) is a offshoot of NSW Health, based in Nth Parramatta, Sydney. ECAV is tasked with educating the workforce in responsiveness to domestic violence and sexual violence situations,
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NAATI certification - information in Auslan

NAATI has commissioned two videos for the Deaf community, which explain some  important facts about the organisation and the certification system. The videos were produced by Expression Australia.  


Who are NAATI? - information in Auslan

What does NAATI do? What is the new NAATI certification system? What is the difference between and Auslan-English interpreter and a Deaf Interpreter? These and other questions by answered by Ramas McRae in Auslan.


NAATI Certification - information in Auslan 

Ramas McRae, Teresa Poulet and Monique Stern describe their pathway to becoming Auslan and/or Deaf Interpreters and the transition process to the new NAATI certification system. They also explain the benefits of certification to professional interpreters.

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Auslan leads the inspiration for Expression Australia
Vicdeaf and Tasdeaf have created a remarkable story for their newly rebranded organisation; Expression Australia. In what could be a first in the world for signed languages, Auslan led the design process for the new name and logo.
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Intercultural and ethics workshops for Indigenous languages
Indigenous interpreters are now completing intercultural and ethical competency, under the new certification system. Five-day workshops were recently held in Kalgoorlie and Alice Springs.
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