A Connected Community Without
Language Barriers

NAATI is the national standards and certifying authority for translators and interpreters in Australia. It is the only organisation to issue certification to practitioners who wish to work in this profession in Australia.

NAATI is a not for profit company that is jointly owned by the Commonwealth, state and territory governments. We are governed by a Board of Directors, who are appointed by the owners.

Introduction to NAATI video

Our Mission Statement

As defined in the Constitution approved by the Member Governments, our mission is to set and maintain high national standards for the translating and interpreting sector to enable the existence of an adequate supply of appropriately certified translating and interpreting professionals, responsive to the changing needs and demography of Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse society.

Achieving this mission will maximise people’s ability to engage and participate in Australian society.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

In striving for our vision for a connected community without language barriers, we acknowledge that reconciliation must be a core part of our business. We believe that we cannot be truly connected as a community without reconciling the past and creating a future that is inclusive.

Read NAATI’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.

Our Annual Reports