Practitioner Spotlight: Valentine Aghajani

My journey in the interpreting profession I migrated to Australia as an infant with my family in mid-1970. My journey and passion for interpreting in Assyrian language commenced when I was still in high school. I was the very first Assyrian interpreter in Victoria who started interpreting with Department of Immigration and various other government departments in different fields of interpreting in 1979 as the Assyrian started to arrive and settle in Victoria. My main goal was to help people to settle as quickly as possible and integrate and with that I faced many challenges which I managed to overcome. […]

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Practitioner Spotlight: Elizabeth Comor

It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to talk about my interpreting and translating career. I was born into a bilingual family in Yugoslavia – Hungarian and Serbian/Croatian. My family lived on the territory of Serbia and had relatives both in Serbia and in Hungary. As it happens in bilingual families, the two (or more) languages were spoken equally and daily in our house and formal education, radio and TV programs, newspapers and magazines were available in both languages. I migrated to Australia in 1992 and became an accredited translator in 1994, although I had worked as a translator and […]

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