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AUSIT Membership: Do I Need It?

The Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) is the national association for the translating and interpreting profession. With over 1,200 members, it currently has local branches representing every Australian State and Territory. AUSIT is affiliated with several universities around the country, and is a member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT).

You have NAATI certification and now you’re practicing as a translator or interpreter. Now you are considering joining AUSIT but wonder if it’s worthwhile.

Here are 10 reasons why you can’t afford to miss out on AUSIT membership:

You’ll gain:

Immediate savings on all AUSIT Professional Development events through the member rates (at least 50% discount, making PD even more affordable). Completion of PD is now compulsory for NAATI recertification, so this is a perfect way to keep your PD costs down. AUSIT membership attracts 10 PD points for NAATI recertification.

  1. Invitations to events, including conferences, lectures and other free activities.
  2. Eligibility for grants and scholarships.
  3. Peer support, professional connections and networks of other practitioners, via online forums and local branches.
  4. Access to insider industry information delivered to your inbox, to keep you up-to-date on your employment environment.
  5. Inclusion in AUSIT’s online practitioner directory, which is linked to the NAATI web site, for public viewing by potential clients.
  6. Professional standing and authorisation to use the AUSIT logo. By joining AUSIT, members commit themselves to abiding by AUSIT’s Code of Ethics, which is one of the reasons AUSIT members are held in high regard by clients.
  7. The latest copy of In Touch magazine, exclusively available to members only.
  8. Opportunities to have your say, through invitations to participate in research and government and other forums.
  9. Recognition of your achievements through AUSIT’s annual awards – a great addition to your CV!


All these benefits are available through the “Members only” section on the AUSIT website.

AUSIT membership is the perfect way to keep your PD costs down, AND find support amongst peers.

Author Biography: Elizabeth Ambrose is a NAATI certified French-English translator. After completing a Bachelor of Arts/Law in Melbourne, she moved to French-speaking Canada where she obtained a Graduate Diploma in French-English Translation. Elizabeth worked at the Australian Embassy in Paris before taking up a position as Translator/Interpretation Coordinator at the International Criminal Court, where she worked for over ten years. She continues to work as a freelance translator and recently started in the role of Communications Officer at AUSIT.

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