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AUSIT QLD Branch invites everyone to celebrate cultures and flavours

QLD Branch invites everyone to celebrate cultures and flavours
The QLD branch is celebrating our diverse backgrounds and cultures on Sunday, 21 of April 2024 at the Northgate Community Hall, Northgate, Queensland.
All are welcome to join the gathering. Please bring a plate of traditional food from your home country to share with colleagues. Whether it’s a savory dish, a sweet treat, or a beloved family recipe, your contribution will add a special touch to the event.

In addition to the culinary delights, there will be engaging networking activities planned to facilitate connections and conversations. 

Label your food with a list of the ingredients you used to keep everyone safe and bring your own beverages. The branch will provide disposable plates, cups, and serviettes.
Feel free to invite non-member practitioners to come and meet everyone.
If you have any questions about this event, reach out to the QLD branch via qld@ausit.org
Registrations will close on 17 April 2021. 
PD Logbook: this event is social by nature and as such does not attract PD points. There will be no certificates issued.

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