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Call for Research Participants: Mandarin Certified Interpreters

Assessing the Manner of Speech in Australian Courts: A University of New South Wales Study of Chinese-English Professional Interpreters in Remote Settings

If you are a Mandarin NAATI Certified Interpreter, you are invited to participate in a research project about court remote interpreting in simultaneous or consecutive mode with or without visual inputs.

This study investigates the effect of the manner of speech on interpreting accuracy in remote settings. All participants will have an opportunity to participate in a zoom court interpreting session with or without visual inputs. Findings will assist practitioners to make evidence-based decisions about risks and benefits of remote interpreting.

Total participation time will be approximately one hour. Interpreters will earn PD points, and will receive a $100 gift card for their time. Dates of each interview are to be determined, but will start in late February and will continue until we have completed 50 interpreted sessions.

This project has been approved by the UNSW Ethics Committee, Reference Number HC210787.

If you are interested in participating between March and April, please contact ran.yi@unsw.edu.au.

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