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COVID-19 Update: Face-to-face Testing Resuming Nationally from April 2022

We would like to thank all our candidates and staff for their efforts over the last few months as we have dealt with the increased COVID-19 case numbers throughout the country and the disruptions this has caused to NAATI testing.

We are planning to re-open our offices and resume face-to-face testing in all states as planned from the beginning of April. We don’t believe there will be any further requirements for nationwide changes, however localised changes may be implemented where the local circumstances call for them, in which case candidates affected will be notified directly.
For our candidates who are unable to get to a testing venue or feel more comfortable in an online setting, we will continue to have an online testing option available for our live interpreting tests at the Certified Provisional Interpreter and Certified Interpreter levels. We will also remain understanding if candidates who initially book a face-to-face test switch to an online test if COVID-19 impacts their ability to attend a test session, within the limits of our test cancellation policies.
Throughout all of these changes, we have remained operating at full capacity and will do so as we transition back to our new normal. We are available to assist you via the usual channels.

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