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International Mother Language Day

Today, 21 February, is the declared UN ‘International Mother Language Day’ – a day every year to celebrate the world’s languages and value multilingualism. What are great thing for a bunch of interpreters and language-lovers like us to celebrate!

So, to celebrate and raise awareness around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and interpreting, the NAATI Indigenous Interpreting Project team and All Graduates Interpreting and Translating Service have collaborated on a special edition webcast on YouTube. The video is also embedded below.

The first half is a conversation between Lavinia Heffernan (CPI Pintupi-Luritja, NAATI Indigenous Interpreting Project Officer) and Fatih Karakas from All Graduates, and then the video features interviews with four other fabulous interpreters from different parts of Australia: Leonora Adidi (Certified Provisional Interpreter [CPI] Kala Kawaw Ya and Yumplatok), Valda Shannon(CPI Warumungu and Warlpiri), Derek Hunt (CPI Djambarrpuyngu) and Nathaniel Coulthard (CPI Anmatyerr).

Big thankyou to those interpreters and others who have helped put this together. We hope that the video will help open people’s eyes to the great work Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders do. We also hope all of you who are already involved in the industry enjoy seeing this work being recognised more widely.

A note for any certified interpreters, you can claim 10 points towards recertification under category 1.6 for watching this video.

We are only at the beginning of the UN Decade of Indigenous Languages. We’re looking forward to a big 10 years that will strengthen and celebrate the linguistic treasure we have here in Australia.

You can read more about our Indigenous Interpreting Project by clicking here ➜

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