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Job opportunity: CultureVerse Translators/Checkers

CultureVerse is seeking Translators/Checkers across the following languages:

  1. Burmese 
  2. Dari
  3. Dinka 
  4. Karen 
  5. Nepali 
  6. Samoan 
  7. Swahili 
  8. Urdu
  9. Fijian 
  10. Sinhalese 
  11. Tongan

Successful applicants will be extremely valuable in keeping the community informed with your work in translation/editing of content across different multicultural campaigns.

Competitive rates are offered, and there are no specific experience, age, or gender requirements. Those interested in the opportunity are encouraged to contact CultureVerse via email at translation@cultureverse.com.au or by calling +61 3 9682 0259.

About: CultureVerse is a multicultural communication agency that seeks to create impactful and engaging multilingual materials for multicultural communities in Australia

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