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Interpreter participants for training trial: Improving interpreting for dementia assessments

The National Ageing Research Institute’s (NARI) MINDSET project (Improving interpreting for dementia assessments) has developed a training package specifically to support interpreters who work with people with dementia or interpret for cognitive assessments.

NARI are seeking interpreters to participate in a randomised control trial of the training, to evaluate whether it is effective. For the purpose of the trial, NARI are only seeking Certified or Certified Provisional Interpreters with at least 6 months experience in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Cantonese
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
  • Vietnamese.

Participation is free and online. If you take part in the trial you will be given access to the training and, if you complete it, can claim NAATI continuing professional development points.

If you are interested, sign up by clicking this link.

The MINDSET project has been supported by NAATI, AUSIT, TIS National, All Graduates, Dementia Australia, Translating and Interpreting Service (NSW), Migrant & Refugee Health Partnership, Televic and NHMRC.

Associate Professor Bianca Brijnath (UWA & National Ageing Research Institute) is leading this project. If you have questions or are interested in taking part, please contact Andrew Gilbert: mindset@nari.edu.au, +61 3 8387 2567

Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) has approved this study (HRE2021-0477).

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