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PD Opportunity: Boosting Your Research Skills

Online Search Tips for Language Specialists and Analysts Engaged with Multilingual Sources

About the course

The course equips translators, interpreters, editors, researchers, and analysts with multilingual online search techniques to help them better prepare for their assignments. It introduces them to special Google search commands and teaches them how these search commands can be applied to find and work with bilingual websites, bilingual texts and parallel texts. This will help practitioners not only acquire the specific terms they are looking for, but also gain access to background knowledge and the broader terminology relevant to the project they are working on.

The course also introduces practitioners to how they can use Google as a context database and perform quality checks to make their research robust. The examples and case studies demonstrated in the course come from Chinese, English and German, but the search techniques can also be applied to other languages.

What you will get

Take your research skills to the next level, establish a reputation for competence and professionalism

  • Learn key Google search commands to find the terminology and content you need to produce reliable research and express yourself with confidence
  • Work with bilingual websites, bilingual texts and parallel texts to get access to a wide range of knowledge and terminology relevant to the topic or sector you are researching
  • Use Google as a context database to determine what a concept means in a given context
  • Perform rigorous quality checks to make your research robust
  • Collect NAATI professional development points for your recertification

About this course

  • Cost: $49.00
  • 38 lessons, 1.5 hours of video content
  • Online self-paced course
  • Eligible for 10 PD points under category 1.4. 


For more information including course curriculum and frequently asked questions click here.

*Early Bird Special* get $10 off the course price by enrolling before December 1.

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