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Research participants needed: Access to hearing services

Approximately 1 in 5 Australians have hearing loss, leading to communication challenges, reduced educational and employment opportunities and limited social engagement, which impacts physical and mental health. Effective help for hearing loss is available in Australia, but people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities are less likely to access it. The reasons for this are not clear.

The researchers of the University of Queensland and Macquarie University aim to understand barriers and facilitators for interpreters in working with audiologists and audiometrists in audiology appointments. This is part of the project, “Improving access to the hearing services program for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds“.

Spoken language interpreters are invited to complete an online survey and/or participate in an interview to help researchers understand barriers and facilitators for interpreters’ engagement in hearing health appointments. The researchers are looking for over 100 interpreters to complete this survey.

  • Once you complete the survey you will have access to a downloadable information package about working with hearing care professionals to thank you for your participation in the survey. You can also get 10 PD points from NAATI by completing this survey.
  • Approximately 10 interpreters who complete the survey will be screened and invited to participate in an interview. If you are eligible and choose to participate in an interview, you will also receive a $25 gift voucher.

Register your interest here.

Closing date: 29 February 2024

If you have any question, please contact Dr Mehwish Nisar via email at mehwish.nisar@uq.edu.au

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