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Soft skills in interpreters working in domestic violence police interview settings

Ning Guo | Central Queensland University Doctor of Philosophy research project

This research project aims to explore interpreters’ emotional well-being and soft skill training regarding well-being when serving the public, in particular those who have or currently work with the police in domestic violence cases.

Participants are invited for an interview that consists of narrating the experience of interpreting in domestic violence contexts, your understanding of how procedures and context impact your practice and emotional state, the strategies to cope with the challenges of this work, and a discussion about professional training gained from interpreting curriculum. The interview will be audio-recorded with your consent, and no identifying material will be stored with the audio record of the interview. 

The interview will be held online mode using Teams/Zoom software. Online interviews will be available for participants nationwide. Completion of the interview will take around 50-60 minutes.

A $50 Woolworths Gift Card will be issued to participants who complete the interview. However, it is expected that this project may benefit the field of study relating to the well-being of people who serve the public. Sharing your experience and strategies may help other people who are in a similar situation.

Project Overview

This project is being completed by Ning Guo as a research project for the Doctor of Philosophy regarding exploring interpreters’ emotional well-being and soft skill training regarding well-being when serving the public. Ning is supervised by A/Professor Olav Muurlink, a social psychologist, and Dr Shane Doyle, both of Central Queensland University.

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If you would like to be part of this research project that could be conducive to interpreters’ wellbeing development in the near future, please share your story and contact researchers via email: n.guo@cqu.edu.au or ning.guo@cqumail.com

Should there be any concerns about the nature and/or conduct of this research project, please contact Central Queensland University’s Research Division (Tel: 07 4923 2603; E-mail: ethics@cqu.edu.au; Mailing address: Building 32, CQUniversity, 554-700 Yaamba Road, Norman Gardens QLD 4701)

This project has been approved by the CQUniversity Human Research Ethics Committee, approval number 22952.

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