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Practitioner Spotlight: Tomik Subagio

Happy 90th birthday to Mr Tomik Subagio

Tomik Subagio, also known as Possum, recently turned 90 years old. He is one of four currently practising NAATI-certified practitioners who are over 90!

Subagio was born in Indonesia, and first gained a NAATI credential in 1990. He received an award from NAATI in 2007 in acknowledgement of his contribution to NAATI as part of the Indonesian/Malay Examiner Panel.

He currently holds credentials as a Certified Interpreter in Indonesian and English and Certified Translator in Indonesian and English (both directions).

He recently shared this poem with us to mark his birthday.

Possum is indeed lucky

Possum is indeed lucky being born to very good parents,
with siblings that care for and love one another.

Possum is indeed lucky to have won a scholarship
That brought him to Australia to study engineering
He has been given the opportunity to serve the community
To give something back to the community and leave behind a legacies.

Possum is indeed lucky to have married Janet
Who taught me what to eat and stay healthy
The proof of the pudding is
at 90 Possum has not stopped working
and serving the community as a translator.

Possum and Janet are indeed a lucky couple
To have been entrusted as guardians of two complete children
Those now have grown up as well equipped adults
To take care of themselves and serve the community.

Possum is indeed lucky
He has friends of any age, regardless of status, gender and colour of skin
Even a wild animal, Lady Possum befriended Possum.

Possum is indeed lucky
At 90 he still working and serving the community
as a translator and still riding bike.

Possum is indeed a lucky person
To have accomplished his mission
As husband and parent to his children
To God he thanks for it all.
To Him Possum worships at every heartbeat.

Many happy returns, Possum, from the team at NAATI.

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