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Recertification webinar

Aurélie Sheehan, NAATI Manager, Certification Policy and Development, discussed recertification in a Conversations podcast with All Graduates. It covers the most frequently asked questions, and you may find it useful in addition to reading the information on this page. 

Key topics discussed:

  • Overview of recertification (4:05 minutes) 
  • Recertification requirements (11:22 minutes) 
  • Logbook (14:55 minutes) 
  • Reference letters (20:36 minutes) 
  • Professional development (26:05 minutes) 
  • Keeping evidence (31:06 minutes) 
  • Practical demonstration, including how to submit professional development and work practice evidence (32:00 minutes)

Did you know that after watching this webinar, you can claim 10 professional development points under category 1.4?

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