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Recognised Practising Translator (Written English into Auslan)

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Recognised Practising Translator (Written English into Auslan)

What is Auslan translation?

Auslan translation is primarily conducted by deaf practitioners and means the translation of English source documents or videos into Auslan.

Auslan translations are presented in a video format. The video output may display an overlay of the source document content.

It is in growing demand in the community and meets the needs and preferences of diverse deaf audiences. The Recognised Practising Translator credential in Auslan was launched in 2023, with NAATI being one of the first organisations in the world to offer a credential in signed language translation.

Candidate instructions



A letter describing your work practice, including the approximate number of words translated and what kinds of translations they were (legal, health, community, government), will be sufficient. You do not need to provide links to actual translations.

We want to assess whether the applicant has recent and ongoing work practice. There is no minimum work practice requirement for a Recognised Practising Translator.

Your work practice must be recent and ongoing. There is no requirement that applicants have a certain number of years of translation experience.
Recognised Practising Translators must have at least some formal training in Auslan translation.

A Diploma of Interpreting is considered sufficient training. There are currently limited options for formal training in Auslan translation, and this training is typically incorporated into interpreting diplomas. You can apply any time after completing this training.

You must provide a reference letter from a relevant organisation (e.g. ASLIA) or language service provider (e.g. Deaf Connect) with your application. It should state that you are and have been engaged in Auslan translation work, that this work has been in written English into Auslan, and that you are proficient in both Auslan and English.
Yes, if you already hold one of these credentials you have met the training requirements, as well as the intercultural competency and ethical competency prerequisite requirements.

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